Say hello to Just Future

Just Future is a new nonprofit organization based in Oklahoma City but with a vision for serving needs on the national level as well as local. Our goal is to build and support a network of activists and organizations to advance a people-centered agenda.

​We are not unaware of the many issues we face today, and the many challenges we must overcome, but we see a future where love and justice prevail, where violence is rejected, war is obsolete, the Earth is protected, and all people are included, valued, and respected. This is something that we can not just dream, but begin to achieve in real terms, wherever we are. That is our dream, and that is our mission.

On more practical terms, Just Future fosters community through advocacy, education, and resource-sharing. We are planning concrete steps to create meaningful networking and community building that will translate into mutual understanding and support.

Please excuse our very basic website as we get things up and running. In the meantime,  you can follow us on Facebook, read more about us, or contact us.