Education Programming and Outreach

Peace Buzz

Peace Buzz is a bi-weekly podcast produced by Just Future and hosted by Serena Blaiz.

Peace Buzz exists as a way to help add additional, underrepresented voices for peace and justice to the media landscape. We cover stories and include points of view that get neglected or diminished by corporate-owned media outlets and the preponderance of rightwing worldviews in TV and radio coverage of current events. We seek to help US activists be more aware of emerging ideas for positive change and more engaged in the global movement to create a world where peace, education, economic opportunity, healthcare and justice are available to everyone and sustainability for future generations guides all decisionmaking.

With a half hour, magazine style format, the content of Peace Buzz focuses on activism and events, people and their impact on the larger community. Our primary attention will be on the US peace movement, but with a global sensibility.

Additionally, there will be occasional specials in a longer format, with an in-depth interview or report.