Oklahoma projects

Oklahoma-Based Projects

Just Future is dedicated to serving the community in our local Oklahoma City metro, as well as being a statewide source of education, advocacy and support for issues addressed by our mission.

Below are some of our early project endeavors as we work to become a good neighbor and servant for the common good in Oklahoma and beyond. We welcome requests from activists and organizations who need support with their own efforts.

Cleveland County Homeless ID project

Just Future will be working with the Cleveland County Detention Center PACT as the fiscal sponsor for a new program in which the Center will purchase equipment and supplies that will allow employees to provide on-the-spot Oklahoma ID cards for homeless people, so that they will be able to sign up for and receive services from local agencies.

Just Future is a community stakeholder member of the statewide Police and Community Trust Initiative (PACT).


Photo: Amnesty International Oklahoma City members and friends. Credit: Rena Guay