About Just Future


Together we can ensure a future grounded in justice if we demand and create it today.

Just Future educates, equips and empowers individuals and organizations to work for a future centered on the common good.


Our mission is to develop or expedite the provision of needed resources, training and opportunities so that grassroots activists and advocacy organizations who share our vision can

  • improve their communications,
  • expand their outreach and impact,
  • build strong coalitions,
  • develop successful leadership,
  • achieve their goals, and
  • acquire sustainable funding for their work.

We believe that

  • where justice is absent, peace cannot flourish
  • violence, whether by individuals, groups, businesses or the state, only breeds more violence
  • bigotry, greed, exploitation, economic injustice and environmental destruction are forms of violence that must be countered as seriously and vigorously as physical violence to persons
  • local and national security priorities and policies should be centered on people and human needs, not property or profits
  • with rare exceptions, government activity should be transparent and accessible to its citizens, most particularly when that activity seeks to monitor or restrict the freedoms of those citizens
  • compassion and love are more powerful than fear and hate
  • a sense of community and belonging is the best antidote to despair
  • unjust conditions caused by policy can be reversed through better policy
  • by educating ourselves and others, working together, and supporting the common good, we can build a better government and a better society
  • by so doing we create progress that improves our own lives and the lives of generations to come

With these beliefs guiding us, we resolve to educate, connect, motivate and support citizens in taking personal and collective action to advance a just future for all, and to work with likeminded individuals and organizations to this end.

Our program goals:

  • Increasing awareness about the systemic problems that deny justice and promote alienation and division
  • Educating the public on ways to advance a more just community, nation and world.
  • Providing training and opportunities for advocacy, activism, and organizing on behalf of the common good.
  • Building infrastructure that fosters community, mutual understanding and peaceful relationships
  • Supporting and participating with other like-minded groups.


Statement of Inclusivity

Just Future will be an open space/service provider where “controversial” justice-seeking groups or those advocating for the most marginalized will find a home: pro-Palestinian, pro-Trans, anti-Capitalist, etc. can work alongside more traditional peace and justice organizers. As an organization founded in humanism, we welcome equally those who are of any faith, or no faith.